When I was a child I felt alone. It wasn’t that my parents didn’t love me. But that as an empath and highly sensitive person, I didn’t feel understood and I felt alien in a world that felt harsh and cruel. I was very conscientious and did pretty well at school but like most of us, felt self-conscious and yet also didn’t like myself very much. I ended up with a lot of self-hate, giving my power away to please others and lacked self-esteem. I developed an eating disorder to cope, plus started to hide my true feelings through alcohol.

I had depression and at different times felt very low with little will to live.

Following various challenges and trauma, my parents ill-health and their eventual death during my 20’s, I moved to Hong Kong in 1996 – and I hit rock bottom. I had given up.

But then, my life changed. Being in Hong Kong was the catalyst to deep shifts and transformation on so many levels. A work colleague introduced me to a local reiki healer and for the first time in a long time I felt a glimmer of hope and that this was someone else who spoke my language.

A short time later, I was sitting on the ferry back to my home on Lamma Island when out of nowhere, healing energy started to flow through me. It was as if I was plugged in to a Higher power. My hands wouldn’t move as the intense energy poured down. Just as quickly it came, after several minutes it went. I knew then my path was healing. I studied various healing systems like Reiki, Seichim, Magnified Healing, and others – which I seemed to instinctively ‘know’ and understand. But it was the year 2000 that I started to channel and receive from spirit a set of symbols for healing and empowerment. Since then this ancient system of healing has grown and developed, where I share it around the world. This system became a huge part of my transformation- opening up my sense of self, intuition, gifts, self-love, trust, spiritual wisdom, awareness, and much more. It opened me to the ‘true’ me and deeper understanding of why I am here – for that I am deeply thankful.

Since then I have developed a bank of healing and empowerment tools, and I share my experience and wisdom with individuals and groups in various signature offerings for adults, kids/teens, schools, organisations and business.

You can see more here: michelleharrisinternational.com

Over the years, I have taught many children and young people of all ages. Prior to coming Hong Kong, I supported 16-25 year olds through the UK government training scheme; my role included guidance, training support and very general counselling. In Hong Kong, I taught English in Learning Centres to individuals and groups for 20 years.

In 2001, I offered my first Meditation and Self Expression classes for kids in Hong Kong that aimed to create balance and help them express themselves.

It was after the birth of my daughter in 2006 and becoming a mum, that an even deeper inner calling was ignited to help our future generations.

In the early 2000’s I was shared a higher vision of a school that would be the education for our future. I recognised later that I had learned so much through the traditional educational systems and gained much knowledge, but felt it needed more about life and soul development. I wanted to create an “education” system that served the heart, spoke the truth and helped children be seen for who they truly are. To help them feel understood and allowed their true soul gifts to shine. Such has been the deeper motivation for all my work and initiatives for children ever since. In working with many young people, I can also see that our children need different ways of teaching and other kinds of support for their life and soul journeys.

I had also created the Jolly Green Dragon Adventures in English tutoring for my private classes – a slightly different way of teaching English that brought in values and themes of interest alongside the standard language learning.

It was in 2016 that I was guided to launch the Rising Goddess Empowerment DayFest events for women, kids and teens. These well-loved highly successful and popular events are always sold out with waitlists, showing a growing need for different and empowering life-soul based learnings that offer an alternative to our youngsters.

Now in 2021, the Empowerment School has been created an extension and consolidation of the visions and all this ‘work’ that has been developed for over 25 years. It will continue to grow, expand and evolve as Life and consciousness transforms.

I am deeply honoured and grateful to be in service to, and part, of it.

With love,
Michelle Harris
Creator & Principal Guardian
The Empowerment School

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